Region 2 EPS Program Focused Services: An approach for your program

Program-focused services is a way to support Early Childhood Education and Out-of-School Time programs. It supports programs to maximize their quality of education and services to the benefit of children, families and the providers. With an emphasis on professional development and coaching, a program-focused approach contributes wrap-around services to support the enhancement, sustainability and evaluation of the child education services being provided. To participate, the program completes an application form, participates in initial assessment and goal-setting and selects a coach to work with. Programs can gain knowledge, skills and confidence that they are providing quality education and care for children.

Educators and program administrators can receive coaching and mentoring services to enhance their skills, knowledge and practice as it relates the following:

  • Program accreditation and quality-building,
  • Leadership and program management,
  • Implementing skills learned in professional development courses,
  • Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS),
  • Core Competency attainment
  • Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential.

If you are interested, complete the appropriate application. This is the initial step in the process. All applications will be reviewed. If selected you will be required to sign a letter of agreement. A coach will be selected with your input and a timeline of services will be developed.